Great Leaders Build Great Companies.

    I know this and so do great companies.

    I work with some of the best and brightest and


    I can help you develop your leadership team.

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    Dr Martina Carroll-Garrison - executive coach at Dr. Tina Talks Work

    Working With the Best

    forward thinking organizations develop leaders


    I work with Senior Level Executives (many at the US Federal government), HR Managers at medium and large corporations, and CEOs and COOs of national and multi-national companies.


    My own work life experiences, academic training and professional development gives me a unique understanding of an organizations’ challenges when employees are experiencing an unfulfilled work life, weak leadership, poorly designed job roles, or a dysfunctional or harmful culture.


    I work with forward thinking organizations to develop leaders, managers and influencers with phenomenal people skills -- organizations who believe in their future and make the investments in their people.



    Build a great leadership team


    Whether it's one on one coaching, team building, or aligning leadership with the organizations’ strategic intent, I help

    future-focused organizations improve employee soft skills and achieve greater leadership competence.


    Confident leaders, who understand the importance of soft skills in their work life and their role as coach, leader, manager, supervisor and influencer, make your organization more effective.

    This is why I created The Leadership Academy. Let's build out your team.


  • Dr. Tina Talks Work - The Leadership Academy

    My experience of working with executives at all levels, and my academic training and personal development,

    has led me to create The Leadership Academy. It offers leadership capacity building for leaders and aspiring leaders

    and influencers. This is through a three-tiered approach (Executive Development, Leadership Development, and

    Soft skills Development) and group and culture facilitation for Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging (DIEB)

    when hard conversations need to be had.

    Dr. Tina Talks Work - Executive Development

    Executive Development


    For senior managers and technical experts who have recently been promoted to executive leadership positions. Bridges the gap from strong individual to executive leader.

    Dr. Tina Talks Work - Leadership Development

    The Leadership Challenge®


    Build leadership competencies and a culture of leadership where leaders build leaders. We use The Leadership Challenge® to liberate the leader in everyone.

    Dr. Tina Talks Work - Soft skills Development

    Soft skills Development


    Soft skills training to improve the workplace and increase performance outcomes. It helps employees understand the value of soft skills and gives them tools to make personal change.

    Dr. Tina Talks Work - DIEB Group Facilitation

    Group Facilitation


    Facilitated conversations, particularly around DIEB, allow organizations to shine a spotlight on areas of conflict or dysfunction. This can define and resolve issues and helps pave the way for a positive path forward.

    Dr. Tina Talks Work - ELDPS

    Emerging Leaders Development Program

    The program offers a pathway to enhancing the soft skills needed towards bridging the gap between graduation and work, or technical competencies and those interpersonal KSAs needed to become a future influencer, team leader and manager.
  • Ready to get started?

    When your organization asks for coaching, facilitation or training, stakeholders expect value for training delivered.

    I clarify this and show the contribution of training to your business' overall strategic intent.

    Targeted, strategic training and investment in your leadership team is the best investment you can make.


    What you can expect

    • ROE (Return on Expectations - the ultimate indicator of value ) defined
    • Requirements defined
    • Build out of your Training and Implementation

    Together we'll set you on course to a great company culture with happier and engaged employees, top leadership

    competencies, and superior company performance and output. Schedule a Work Life Chat with Tina to find out more.

  • Trusted By


    Here's a selection of clients I work with. I am trusted by people at the highest levels of government

    and I support Executives in national and global organizations.

    AFRH - Dr. Tina Talks Work

    Armed Forces Retirement Home

    US Dept of HUD - Dr. Tina Talks Work

    Housing And Urban Development

    US Army MWR - Dr. Tina Talks Work

    U.S. Army MWR

    AA Secretary to the Army - Dr. Tina Talks Work

    Admin. Assistant To The Sec Army

    Defense Logistics Agency - Dr. Tina Talks Work

    Defense Logistics Agency

    Office of Asst Secretary of the Army - Dr. Tina Talks Work

    Office Of The Assistant Secretary Of The Army

    FBI Dept of Justice - Dr. Tina Talks Work

    Federal Bureau Of Investigation

    Dr. Tina Talks Work - US Army Corps of Engineers

    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


    Dr. Tina Talks Work - Naval Facilities Engineering Command

    Naval Facilities Engineering Command

    Dr. Tina Talks Work - Naval Facilities Engineering Command


    Dr. Tina Talks Work - Naval Facilities Engineering Command

    U.S. Department of State

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    Ready to Build a Great

    Leadership Team?


    Or simply improve the soft skills of your leaders, managers and influencers towards creating a more engaged workforce? Let's talk.

    You can get in touch here.