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    Executive Development


    For senior managers and technical experts who have recently been promoted to executive leadership positions.

    Bridges the gap from strong individual to executive leader.

  • The shift from technical and supervisory management to executive leadership is a big one.

    We work with senior managers and technical experts recently promoted to executive leadership positions

    to help them bridge the gap. While they may have been promoted as a result of strong individual performance, as their

    employer you recognize that they may not have acquired all of the leadership skills necessary to bridge the gap –

    and without support, they may struggle to be successful in their new leadership role.

    This is where we excel as we help individuals to ridge the leadership gap while making the most of their talents,

    strengths, and abilities.


    We help senior leaders

    develop their capacity

    to understand what needs to be done for the benefit of the organization
    align their vision to operate in their new environments
    thrive in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous situations

    model organizational values and leadership excellence for others
    work effectively across organizational boundaries
    build strong relationships and communicate with stakeholders
    understand and navigate amidst organizational politics

    Dr. Tina Talks Work - Executive Development


    Our executive development process is coaching-centric. We work with leaders to improve self-awareness,

    clarify expectations, and make incremental improvements towards measurable leadership goals.

    Through a 10-week program we

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    Clarify job demands and performance expectations

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    Engage globally recognized leadership and personality tools, identifying personal strengths and capability gaps

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    We co-create a personal development plan

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    Remain involved from implementation to conclusion so you achieve

    the greatest possible Return On Expectation (ROE)

    ROE includes increased leadership capacity including confidence in competencies

    to influence across the organization.

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