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    The Leadership Challenge® 



    Build leadership competencies and a culture of leadership where leaders build leaders.

    We use The Leadership Challenge® to liberate the leader in everyone.


    Leaders are made, not born. The Leadership Challenge® approach stems from belief that leadership is a measurable, learnable, and teachable set of behaviors. We aim to inspire, encourage, and develop the next generation of leaders by liberating the leader in everyone.

    Good leadership competencies include the ability of people to balance the functional needs of their organization with the individual needs of their staff. If you want your employees to take the lead, create a culture where leadership competencies are understood and where leaders prepare the next generation of leaders. When your people step up then there's room and opportunity to move up. To ensure your organization is filled with leaders of leaders, you have to build leadership capacity so emerging leaders know how to pave the way for aspiring leaders and influencers.


    Consider Individual Slots in A COTS Scheduled Training Course Or Delivered To Your Team


    Individual Slots in Existing Training Course. Each student must have an approved SF 182. Each slot is $2595 per student.


    We enable you to create a culture of leadership


    Our work is rooted in the globally accepted leadership model, The Leadership Challenge ®. Your organization increases productivity, engagement, and retention when each member realizes their leadership potential. Our approach provides insight and confidence that leaders, at every level of your organization, need to achieve leadership competence and deliver organizational results. Your leaders will become fluent in the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership and also learn how to imbue these behaviors across the entire organization.


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    SF 182 Training Payments (Non-FAR based training actions) 

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    $2595 Per Individual Slots in Existing Training Course

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    Individual Slots in Existing Training Course. Each slot purchased may be considered its own transaction, even when paid together. Each student must have an approved SF 182. Each slot must be below $25,000 per student. CHs may purchase each slot as a separate transaction or may combine the slots into a single transaction for the total amount. To be considered COTS, training from non-Government sources must meet the following criteria:

    1) Regularly scheduled. The TE&PD event can be found in an established offering, whether in print or online. The event does not have to be held on a scheduled date and time if the training provider makes it available at any time, such as an online course.

    2) Off-the-shelf TE&PD service available to the general public. The service is a commercially available TE&PD event or a planned series of the same event, activity, service, or material, requiring no modification prior to use. Such training may occur on or off federal property and may include non-federal employees.

    3) Priced the same for everyone in the same category. The service is priced the same per student, course, service, or training space. In other words, the same event is offered at an equal price to all customers.

  • The Leadership Challenge ®

    A campaign to systematically liberate the leader in everyone by focusing on five sets of behaviors.

    It is recognized globally as the most practical model of leadership development.

    Dr. Tina Talks Work - Leadership Development, The Leadership Challenge
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    Model the Way

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    Recognize their achievements and celebrate their successes on behalf of the organization. Model the way illustrates the great leaders’ ability to lead the way by being the example others should follow. In other words, unlike bosses, proficient leaders tend to cherish a specific behavior that induces freshness.

    “Model the Way” emboldens the organization to follow in the leader’s footsteps, which must pave the way with eagerness and passion. Once you have a broad understanding of what others like to hear, and how they want to be treated; you should devise a strategy to deliver a strong message.

    Clarify values

    Set the example

    Inspire a Shared Vision

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    Focuses on building that team cohesion and spirit which helps the organization to move towards the end goal collectively. Also known as “Exemplary leaders” these individuals have that six-sense to take the last-minute shot and display their courageous efforts.

    On top of that, great leaders possess the skills to anticipate various scenarios that may befall on the organization in the foreseeable future. Without it, the organization cannot drive people into the composite story which shares the vision and the principal values an employee must embrace. Building the right mentality and finding the right set of balance can resolve out many work life problems.

    Envision the future

    Enlist others

    Challenge the Process

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    Asking all the persons involved in the decision-making process to adopt an out-of-the-box attitude which propels the organization to push onwards. It stimulates the employees to share ideas and encourages them to stretch the boundaries of the organization.

    Exemplary leaders are not merely focusing on establishing or enacting rules which can be construed as a way to monitor the operations. Their broader vision allows for sidestepping the need of micromanagement to occur and prompts them to aim attention at investing and learning.

    Search for opportunities

    Experiment and take risks


    Enable Others to Act

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    A process that casts doubt upon an attitude that amplifies the strength of a single decision-making body. To put it differently, it opposes the idea of building centralized chain-of-command which entirely neglects the process of creating an engaging-environment.

    It’s unthinkable to force someone to apply your principles, especially if you are recognized for your notorious ability to deliver low-quality solutions. Strengthen the team means to provide guidance and offering them a hand to enhance their self-confidence and competence.

    Foster collaboration

    Strengthen Others

    Encourage the Heart

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    Monitoring the leadership role that boils down to the right mentality. Indeed, this one place emphasis on being genuinely sincere and friendly towards your co-workers and those that represent the organization.

    In the digital age, organizations realized the importance of nurturing a positive working atmosphere where collaboration and engagements are not obstructed by the organizational hierarchy.

    Recognize contributions

    Celebrate values and victories

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    Your organization benefits from leaders who appreciate great leadership and the associated behaviors that drive improved performance and results.


    Our team is trained to invite your leaders to reflect on their own values, aspirations, behaviors, and how others might perceive them.

    Through this journey your leaders develop their own philosophy and are supported in living it out.

    As a result, your entire organization will begin to experience a new, dynamic, and high-performance culture.



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    $2595 for Individual Slots From An Existing Training Course.

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    Workshop Materials Include

    • The Leadership Challenge Workshop Online Pre-work, 4th Edition
    • LPI: Leadership Practices Inventory 360+
    • The Leadership Challenge Workbook, 4th Edition
    • The Leadership Challenge Workshop Card, 4e
    • The Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations, 7th Edition


    $2595 for Individual Slots From An Existing Training Course.

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    Workshop White Paper

    $2595 for Individual Slots From An Existing Training Course.