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    Great Leaders Build Great Companies.

    I know this and so do great companies. I work with some of the best and brightest and I can help you develop your leadership team.

  • Working With the Best

    Forward thinking organizations develop Leaders

    I work with Senior Level Executives (many at the US Federal government), HR Managers at medium and large corporations, and CEOs and COOs of national and multi-national companies.

    My own work life experiences, academic training and professional development gives me a unique understanding of an organizations’ challenges when employees are experiencing an unfulfilled work life, weak leadership, poorly designed job roles, or a dysfunctional or harmful culture.


    I have also witnessed how great culture is achieved and sustained when an organization commits to attracting, retaining and developing engaged employees, superior leadership, and job roles aligned with the organization’s strategic intent. These organizations experience engaged employees, a heightened reputation, and superior performance and output.
    I work with forward thinking organizations to develop leaders, managers and influencers with phenomenal people skills -- organizations who believe in their future and make the investments in their people.

    Find out more about me and the work I do here.

  • Build a Great Leadership Team

    Whether it's one on one coaching, team building, or aligning leadership with the organizations’ strategic intent, I help future-focused organizations improve employee soft skills and achieve greater leadership competence.

    Effective leaders, managers and influencers can thrive in an environment of complexity while managing change, leading people, building coalitions, being results driven, and understanding the organizations strategic intent. These skills once understood can represent a shift from passive management to active leadership – regardless of where your employee sits within the organization.

    Confident leaders who achieve a deeper sense of the importance of soft skills in their work life and gain a deeper understanding of their role as coaches, leaders, managers, supervisors and influencers can make your organization more effective.

    Let's build out your team.

    Executive Coaching, Dr. Tina Talks Work - Dr. Tina Carroll Garrison

    Executive Coaching

    Assessment, development planning and executive coaching for leaders and managers

    Organizational Development, Dr. Tina Talks Work - Dr. Tina Carroll Garrison

    Organizational Development

    Team building, team coaching, retreat and strategic planning facilitation

    Leadership Development, Dr. Tina Talks Work - Dr. Tina Carroll Garrison

    Leadership Development

    Needs assessment, custom program design, mentoring programs, and leadership development


    Workplace Civility

    The lack of Workplace Civility is now a major issue for many organizations. How this is managed can have serious impact on the whole organization. Workplace incivility is often a gateway behavior to bigger issues. Organizations must address this head on or risk deteriorating their culture. There is no place for incivility in the workplace and no time for complacency. Find out more about this here.

  • Clients

    Here's a selection of clients I work with. I am trusted by people at the highest levels of government and I support Executives in national and global organizations.

    AFRH - Dr. Tina Talks Work

    Armed Forces Retirement Home

    US Dept of HUD - Dr. Tina Talks Work

    Housing And Urban Development

    US Army MWR - Dr. Tina Talks Work

    U.S. Army MWR

    AA Secretary to the Army - Dr. Tina Talks Work

    Admin. Assistant To The Sec Army

    Defense Logistics Agency - Dr. Tina Talks Work

    Defense Logistics Agency

    Office of Asst Secretary of the Army - Dr. Tina Talks Work

    Office Of The Assistant Secretary Of The Army

    FBI Dept of Justice - Dr. Tina Talks Work

    Federal Bureau Of Investigation

    Dr. Tina Talks Work

    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


    Dr. Tina Talks Work

    Naval Facilities Engineering Command

  • Train people well enough so they can leave, create a positive culture aligned to strategic intent so they don't want to.

  • Ready to Build a Great Leadership Team?

    Or simply improve the soft skills of your leaders, managers and influencers towards creating a more engaged workforce? I can help. GET IN TOUCH.

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